Welcome to The French Connection!

Le paiement accepté n'est qu'un BTC! Pas BCH/BABC!

*13/10/2017 - WARNING! Most dnmarkets are down at the moment plus there's a strong indication that Dream is compromised by LE. Stay vigilant!

*14/08/2017 - NO PASSWORD RESETS. That'll make you think twice about what you are doing on darknet. Recently there's a rise in number of password reset requests. We are treating it as attempt of LE to get YOUR DATA. Remember your password!

*01/08/2017 - The 'chain split' happened today. Nothing bad happened, but it's always better to be on the safe side, correct? As of today we reopen the ordering, business as usual. We accept ONLY 'vanilla' Bitcoin ('main chain', 'BTC', 'XBT'), NOT Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Abc, Bitcoinultimate. Confirmation counter until 'payment received' is reduced back to 5. Happy shopping! Stay safe and enjoy The French Connection.

*25/07/2017 - WARNING! New phishing sites detected: abyss buxeni3sekqe, abyss opvszauhu4t (this one's blocking our phishing detection as well!). Stay alert! No need to give your login details to someone! If you suspect you've been phished - just create a new account and let 'support' know. And USE PGP for fuck sake!

*22/07/2017 - In preparation for Bitcoin SegWit protocol deployment, as per industry recommendation, today we increase number of confirmations required to accept payment to 30 (thirty). Also, time to pay/confirm increased to 72 hours. We will keep you updated on Bitcoin SegWit situation! Stay safe and enjoy The French Connection.

*21/07/2017 - Dream *update* - PROBABLY COMPROMISED BY LE IN A WAY AB and H was! STAY AWAY!!! Operation 'Bayonet' is not over!
*20/07/2017 - Hansa *update*, RAIDED BY LE, so bye bye Hansa. We are alive and well, welcome!
*13/07/2017 - AlphaBay *update*, RAIDED BY LE, so bye bye Alpha.

*7/05/2017 - Now we do weed products! Best Ice, BHO and Crumble! New Products! Check the product list! Also we have some nice new medicine in stock for real men! MORE NEW PRODUCTS ARE COMING!

*8/03/2017 - ATTN! Looks like SIGAINT email provider is down for good. While we are working to get a new secure email account, please use messaging on the site or markets. Thanks!
*5/03/2017 - Use at least 140sat/B fee, otherwise your payment won't confirm in time and your order will be cancelled. Update your wallet!

*10/04/2016 - Coke is out of stock again, sorry. All other products are available.
*7/03/2016 - We now have blotter papers in stock! Check the products list.

Please, verify the address in address bar - you know our address ;) - seen a clone fishing sites already! (e.g. abyss dyh5kaskqql opvszauhu4t buxeni3sekqe etcetcetc) It will grab your password if you are to enter it there - security concern!
There is a new javascript code running on our site, that checks if you are being phished - enable javascript to allow it to perform check. If you don't see anything - it means you are NOT being phished. If you ARE seeing the banner, saying 'DANGER!' - that means you are accessing rogue address/clone. Follow the instructions in that banner!
If you do not see anything while browsing the site - you then can disable javascript again.


NEW - We are looking for wholesalers! BIG discounts, credit, approval of FRC. Please PM us on site to get a deal going!
NEW - Nous sommes a la recherche de distributeurs grossistes! Bonne discount, credit, la tout approuve par la FRC. Merci de nous contacter sur notre site pour commencer le deal!

Looks like Lelantos is compromised. Please use messaging on this site for your safety!


Must Read Directions:
-Disable JavaScript for your own safety!
-Log-in or create a new account and password.
-Place any store order and then checkout.
-PGP your clearly written address with:
City, Postcode
Country (We DO NOT ship to US!)

in the comments section and then click review order.
Note: Do not post your PGP public key here, this is not needed, just your PGP message!
-Confirm that your information is correct and then click submit order.
-Send the "BTC Amount" to the wallet address provided on the final page.
-Once the BTC Amount is received, and your shipping address is confirmed, your order will be shipped out. Please allow up to 6 hours for payment confirmation.
-You have 12 hours to pay. After that period unpaid orders are cancelled automatically!

Why use the The French Connection?
-Over 5000 successful sales from a vendor that you can trust.
-Eliminate the middleman DNMs and save your money!
-Keep control over your bitcoins until you are ready to buy! No unsafe third party wallets/'escrow'/exit scams.
-Great alternative source to have in case of DNM downtime.

Need Customer Support?
Message us using the Messages->Write a new message-> TO: support.
The service username is 'support' (without quotes)! You will only be allowed to send your message to this user (and communicate afterwards).
Please use PGP for your protection!
Send a message on BlackBank, Alphabay, and other DNMs.
Please use PGP for your protection!

Please include your order number if you have a pending order!
We usually reply within 24hrs. Please use PGP for your protection!